Video eventing
for everyone

What we offer

Our platform allows you to create free and pay-to-view events that won’t break the bank. With no 3rd party software required, creating events is super easy, and our services can be tailored to your specific needs.

Live broadcasts

Interactive webinars

Video on demand

Realtime chat & comments

Live polling and questions

Custom attendee signup/registration forms

Recurring events

Recording of sessions

Paid for access & ability to receive donations

Dedicated support

What sets us apart

We’re a live video streaming company with proven experience in hosting successful events of 10 000+ concurrent viewers.

Hands-on support when you need it, so your event goes off without a hitch

Locally hosted with global CDN to distribute your content worldwide

Customised services to suit your event's specific needs



checkRun an online live-video business

checkDashboard to monitor ticket sales and sign-ups

checkUnique and sharable web page

checkCharge viewers for access or accept donations

checkWeekly pay-outs

checkExport user details so you can stay in touch

checkFree up to 250 viewers per stream

checkRe-stream to other platforms

checkCreate Recurring streams

checkEngage via comments & chat


checkYou cover the data bill, not your viewers

checkIntegraded, individual video and chat components

checkCustomised user experience

checkExclusive streaming with invite only access

checkBreakaway rooms during an event

checkBranded video conferencing solutions

checkBroadcast 360-degree video streams

checkMonitor sales, sign-ups, attendance and watch time

checkAll Creator Features

checkGlobal CDN for high availability

checkSet-up fee per requirements

checkR5/$0.3c per viewer per day

Stand alone components

Got your own platform? Our components will make video tech a breeze.

Live broadcasts

Webinar video infrastructure

Video on demand

Realtime chat

Live polling

Accept donations

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